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Frequently Asked Questions

At GR Phones, we have complied a series of frequently asked questions about about our device repairs and services. In case you do not find the answers for your query in the list below,   our dedicated team members will be happy to assist you via online chat/in-store/call/email!!


Q: Why choose GR Phones?
A: We are the South Australia’s Leading and Award-Winning Mobile Phone repair company. We deal with repairs on various devices for the last 7 years. We have stores at 3 locations in Adelaide: Sefton Plaza, Plympton, Norwood. We have an experienced and well-trained technicians and Customer Service team We offer quick, efficient, and affordable repair services for all Mobile Phones, iPad, tablet and laptop. We have most parts in stock in our inhouse warehouse. All our repairs come with 90 days warranty. Check terms and conditions for more details.

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Q: How can I get in touch with GR Phones for repairs? 

A: You can get in touch with us for repairs in numerous ways:

  1. Walk into any of our store with the device that needs repairs
  2. Chat with us online, available 24X7
  3. Call us on (08) 8342 0008
  4. Email us on
  5. You can also message and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Q: Can you fix any repair problem?
A: Yes, we can repair most issues with devices.  There are very few issues that we cannot repair. Our team of technicians have on an average 5-10years of device repair experience and try their level best to repair any mobile phone/ device issues you are facing.

Q: Can you help me if my Device is not turning on at all?
A: Yes, we can help you diagnose the reason why your device has turned off. In this case, we advise you to bring your device in to one of our nearest stores for a free assessment so we can identify the fault/s with your device if any. We provide free quote* in most cases. We will let you know upfront in case we need to charge you a minimal service fee.

Q: How long does it take to fix my mobile phone/device?

A: We can usually repair most Mobile Phones on the same day within 1-2 working hours. However, sometimes the turnaround time can be extended to 2-5 working days due to non-availability of parts, complexity of the task and number of jobs/repairs on same device and other bookings on that day. . We are well known for our quick turnaround and we try our best to repair your device ASAP.

Q: What devices can you fix?

A: At GR Phones, we repair mobile phones and other devices, including iPad, tablets and laptops instore. We specialize in following Phone/Device repairs:

• Apple:  iPhones and MacBook repairs

• Samsung Phones and Tablet Repair

• HTC Phone Repair

• Sony Phone and Tablet Repair

• Motorola Phone Repair

• Huawei Phone Repair

• LG Phone Repair

• Nokia Phone Repair

• Blackberry Phone Repair

• Oppo Phone Repair

• Microsoft Phone and Tablet Repair

• Google Phone Repair

• Laptop Repair: Mac, Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Microsoft

Q: If my device is not repairable, do I get a refund?
A: If we can’t repair your phone, we  deduct a minimum assessment fee and refund you rest of the payment you have made..

Q: Do you have most parts in stock?

A: GR Phones has the largest inventory of repair parts in stock in comparison to any third party repairer. We stock parts of all the leading brands such as Apple and Samsung. We also have a huge stock of most odd models like Oppo, Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, Nokia etc.   However, there are some overseas model or other odd devices that might need parts to be ordered from various suppliers.

Q: What is the quality of the parts used for repairs at GR Phones?

A: At GR Phones, we use Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality parts for most device repairs. However, we also stock good quality aftermarket parts for customers who prefer to repair their devices on a budget

Q: At GR Phones, can you help me to get my data from phone?

A: Yes!  GR Phones technicians can help data backup, data recovery and data transfer services from any of your devices*. We can back-up your data into another device, USB drive, hard disk, and laptop. *we can confirm if data related task is possible or not from the device only on physical assessment of the device.

Q: Do you provide free quotes for repairs?
A: Yes, sure we do provide free verbal and email quotes for most repairs. Please note this quote is not valid for insurance purpose. However, we can do provide Insurance quotes for all types of damaged devices after a thorough assessment. These quotes are provided with a minimal upfront fee of $60 and is non-refundable.

Q: What does the repair price estimate cover?

A: The repair price estimate includes the cost for the repairs, the cost for the replacement parts used in the repair and a 3-month warranty* on the repairs.  *warranty does not cover physical/water damage to the device after the repairs.

Q: Is it essential to back-up my data before the repairs?
A:  It is always recommended you back up your data from your devices regularly. As part of our repairs we try to keep all data in your device safe. In some cases, the data is already lost when the phone is damaged like in case of software issues, battery replacement, phone disabled mode, password removed, heavily damaged device and liquid/ water damage.

Q: Do I need to share device passcodes for repairs?

A: We do ask our customers for passcodes, so that we can check all the features on the device before and while the repairs are in progress. It becomes exceedingly difficult for our technicians to pull apart the whole device again if something is not been connected hence increasing our turnaround time for the repairs for our customers in turn.

Please note: All passcodes are used for testing purpose only and the privacy and security of the device is honoured by our skilled and experienced technicians.

If a customer is not open to sharing the device pass code, we perform the repairs but cannot test the device performance. This may result in rework on the device and/or other faults in the device which could not be rectified when the device was opened the first time for the repairs.GR Phones is not liable for any repairs other than the one mentioned/visible while booking the phone. GR Phones also suggest that the customer change the passcodes once they take back their device after repairs for further security.

Q: Why is my phone slow after updating new software?

A: Older devices have been known to slow down if a recent software update has been installed because the phone's hardware is not up-to-date to support the new features of the operating system. Additionally, check your phone memory, if it is almost or nearly full then that can also affect the functioning of the phone and make it slow.

Q: How long does a phone battery last?

A: The battery life depends on the frequency of use. The typical cell phone battery begins to deteriorate after 400 charging cycles. The average user will reach this point after 1-2 years of regular usage.

Q: What should I do if my phone got dropped in water/liquid?

A: The first thing is Do not Panic. Quickly remove the device from the water/ liquid and dry the outside of the phone carefully. Try not press to press any buttons while drying the phone. Do not try to plug the water-damaged phone to charger. Do not try to open the device if it has a concealed inbuilt battery. It is best to try and bring your liquid damaged phone straight to any nearest GR Phones stores and we are surely to assist you! Read our blog on Water Damaged to Working Device, for some quick tips on what to do when you have water-damaged phone.

Q: What are the charges for Water Damaged Phones/Devices?

A: For all water damaged phones/devices, we charge a non-refundable upfront fee of $50. This fee is for professionally cleaning out all the water/liquid from the phone/device to revive the phone. In case the phone does not need further repairs we do not charge you any further.

Q: What is the turnaround time for repairs on water damaged phones/devices?
A: Water damage repair generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to complete.  This estimate however can vary, depending on the level of damage caused by the water in the device.

Q: What is the possible success rate for water damaged mobile phone repair?
A: Typically, we have a water damaged repair success rate of 80% though we cannot guarantee anything at the time of booking the job. Also, we get back to you with repair quotes only if the device turns on and our senior technician is sure that the device is worth being repaired.

Q: What to do if the charging port of my phone is damaged or device needs a battery replacement?
A: If your phone does not charge at all, check to see if the charging port is loose or dirty. If it seems loose or dirty, you will most likely need a charging port replacement for the device. If the charging cable can be easily plugged in and indicates the device is charging but does not hold up charge, then it is most likely battery issue or problem.  

Q: Do you offer discounts for corporate customers?
A: Yes, we do offer discounts for corporate customers! Please contact or read more in the Corporate and Students section on our website for more details.

Q: How do I get notified about the progress of repairs?
A: At GR Phones, we know that phones/devices are very important for you. So, we update you on call / via text message / through an email as soon as your phone/device is repaired.  

Q: How can I track the repair status of my device at GR Phones?
A: You can use the following link to track the repair status of your device. Alternately you can call us, chat with us, email us or walk into our store to get an update on the repair status of your phone.

We have online tracking system.Please click the link here and follow the prompts to track your repairs-

Q: If my phone is not repairable, can I buy phones from your store?

A: We do sell brand new basic smartphones in our store that are unlocked. We can also order basic phones for you if you prefer. We rarely have any refurbished/used phones for sale. Talk to our customer service person in store for more details.

Q: I have more than one device that is broken, do you offer a deal on 2nd repair?
A: Yes, you will receive  a discount* on the second repair if you get both the devices for repairs at same time. (This offer cannot be combined with any other in-store offer or promotion). *discount is based on the repair price.

Q: Am I able to send my device in by courier/mail?
A: Certainly, we do accept repairs that come in through courier/mail. We quote you the price on physical assessment of the device. We fix the device on your approval and can also post the device back to you for a minimal postage fee. Please use the 'Online Repair Book In' system on our website to book jobs online.  Alternately you can call/email/chat with us to book the repair.

Q:  I tried fixing my phone and have failed. Can you help me?
A: Sure, we can attempt to repair your handset to the best of our ability depending on what went wrong during the failed repair. Unfortunately, for such repairs we do not provide any warranty on the repair. We can let you know how your device is doing when you come to collect your phone.

Q: There are multiple problems with my device; do you offer a discount for multiple repairs?
A: Yes, we do offer a discount on any additional repairs on the same device. Please visit GR phones store or contact us via call/chat/email for more details.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to have my phone repaired?
A: No appointments are necessary, but if you prefer, we can set up an appointment for you.  That way we can assure that you are served on time.

Q: After dropping my phone it has become unresponsive to touch, does the glass repair fix this issue?
A: Dropping the phone makes the screen unresponsive.  Unfortunately, we cannot repair just the glass on the phone. We can replace the LCD for you and the phone will become as good as new.

Q: How do I know if I need the LCD repaired?
A: If the screen of the phone/device is black, white, shows coloured lines or has any dead pixels then it generally indicates that the LCD is damaged.  . Still not sure? Bring the device to the nearest GR Phones store and we will be able to assess it for you free of cost.   

Q: Do you sell cases and accessories?
A: Yes, we sell cases for most popular phones and accessories for mobile phones, iPads, and tablets. We have cases from Otterbox, Life Proof, Xundd, Goospery, Mercury, Griffin, Incipio and other branded cases. We have a wide variety of accessories like   charging cables for iPhone cables, iPpods, iPads, C-type , Micro USB , glass protectors for most phones, Protection Pro Screen Protectors, Wireless phone chargers, Car chargers, USB port for cars, selfie sticks, power banks, earphones etc.  In case you don’t have the stock for an accessory you are looking for, just ask in the store and we may be able to order that for you from our suppliers.

Q: What is the average repair time for iPad screen replacement?
A: It is 24 hours or next day repair service for cracked iPad screen if all goes well and the parts are in stock However, the timelines may vary based on the condition of the device as well. More damage, such as frame damage, extreme shattering, or unforeseen internal damage, may cause repair times to be extended. We can advise and keep you updated about the progress of your repair from time to time.

Q: Is my iPad is repairable, if the corner are bent/damaged?
A: Yes, we can try our best to fix your iPad in case it is extremely damaged However, repair depends on the extent of the damage. We might need to grind the corners with special equipment to try and fix the iPad again. If cannot be fixed, we let you know the same.


Q: What payment method is accepted at GR Phones?
A: You can pay online (bank transfer), via telephone (minimum amounts only) or instore. We accept Cash, PayPal, and Credit cards (Master card/ Visa card). We use highly secured and use friendly payment methods. We also have Humm Payment and Zip Pay options available. Kindly ask our staff in advance if you want to use Humm Payment /Zip Pay option for repairs.

In case of Bank transfer, we release the device being repaired only once the payment has been received.

Q: Do I pay upfront or payment is due upon receipt?
A: We always take payments when the job is done, and you are satisfied with the repairs done. In case you want to pay before the repairs are done, we can do that for you as well.

Q: Do you provide tax invoices for business purposes?
A: Absolutely. All repairs are issued with tax invoices.


Q: Is GR Phones an authorised service repair centre or partner for any Mobile Phone company?
A: No. We are not authorized repair centres for any brands. We are third party repairers for all phones/devices of all models. If your phone is still under warranty, we recommend you visit an authorized service centre.

Q: Is my original warranty intact?
A: Any repairs not done by the manufacturer will void your warranty. So, we strongly recommend you check the relevant papers for warranty details and get in touch with your dealer/authorised service centre before you visit us. In case they are not able to help you, we will try our best to resolve your device related issues.

Q: What does the warranty cover?
A: Our spare parts come with a 90-day warranty on repairs. Physical, liquid damage or tampering with repairs done by our skilled technicians will void our warranty. The warranty relates to the work we performed and not to any other unrelated and extra fault that may develop or arise after we have done the repairs. We strongly recommend you check all the features on you.

Q: Do I need to hold on to my receipt for warranty purposes?

A: Your phone repair invoice is important. You receive email copies of all the repairs you have done with us. If you have lost your invoice or have not received an email, you can ask our friendly staff to email you receipt and that way it will be safe in your email for future purpose.


Q: How long does it take for repaired devices to be delivered?
A: Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) for delivery is about 3-5 working days within South Australia. It may vary from region to region and we can advise you the estimated time as per what we receive from the courier/post service.

Q: Where can I track my order?
A: If your item/s have been dispatched by courier/post, we provide you with the tracking number of the package via email. Please get back to us if you have not received any email.

Q: How much does the shipping cost?
A: Shipping cost varies and depending on the dimensions of the product. Generally, it starts from $10.

Q: Which couriers services do you use?
A: We use Australia Post, Star Track and other popular courier and freight companies in Australia.

Q: When will you ship out my order?
A: Most of the items are sent out on the next business day after we have confirmed your payment has been received. You will be notified via an email with a unique tracking number, estimated time of arrival and other delivery details. *Terms and conditions apply.

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