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iPhone 8 Repair Services in Adelaide: Screen and More
iPhone 8 - A1863 / A1905 / A1906

iPhone 8
Some of the Repair Services we offer


Aftermarket / Copy LCD and Touch Screen Replacement
Compatible Battery Replacement
Compatible LCD and Touch Screen Replacement (OEM)
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iPhone 8

iPhone 8:

3 months warranty on most phone repairs

Iphone8 called as beautiful mind was something apple fans were waiting for until its release date was confirmed. Iphone-8 was released on Sep 22nd 2017. IPhone 8 has an all new glass design with all New 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch Retina HD displays. A Retina HD display that’s more beautiful than ever. With True Tone, wide colour gamut and 3D Touch. The world’s most popular camera, now even better. The most powerful and smartest chip ever in a Smartphone. One of the mind-blowing feature is the Wireless charging that’s truly effortless and augmented reality experiences never before possible. iPhone 8 is a new generation of iPhone.

GR Phones offers all repair works from LCD replacement, battery replacement, charging port replacement, camera replacement and all major repairs so that you can make the most out of it. In most of the cases, your iPhone is repaired while you wait and even before you finish reading a magazine. That is why we stock a variety of parts which enables us to fix your iPhone as quickly as possible so that we can avoid to keep you waiting for long.


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

Screen Repair:

It is of utmost important to get a reliable repair service when it comes to an expensive phone such as an Apple iPhone. The latest and most advanced IPhone, IPhone 8 comes with an advanced Retina HD display that's more beautiful than ever. Our technicians repair your I-Phone’s broken screen to an extent that you would not feel as if you have a repaired iPhone in your hand, without hampering the 3D touch (Force touch) feature. GR Phones brings you high quality gears and resources into play to replace the screen.


iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

Water Damage:

The ‘IP67 rating on the iPhone 8 stands for Ingress Protection. The ’67’ denotes that the new Iphone is fully protected against dust ingress and can withstand being submerged in water for up to 30 mins at 1.5m depth. The first digit ‘6’ is the dust-proof rating, and the second digit ‘7’ is the waterproof rating of the device. So, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are water-resistant, they’re not waterproof. The important thing to note, however, is that the IP rating of your device does not make it resistant to all and any kind of liquid. Pressurized water can easily breach the water resistance seal of the handset and seep inside the device thereby damaging the internals. Technicians at GR Phones are highly capable of dealing with the issue of water damages. Our technicians will open the iPhone, dry out the components and replace any damaged parts so that you will have a safe and reliable iPhone as before. Don’t hesitate to call your nearby GR Phones store to get an estimate, should you find your iPhone water damaged.


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