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iPhone SE (2nd generation) Repair Services in Adelaide: Screen and More
iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iPhone SE (2nd generation)
Some of the Repair Services we offer


Compatible LCD and Touch Screen Replacement (OEM)
Water/Liquid Clean Up From
Compatible Battery Replacement
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iPhone SE (2nd generation)

iPhone SE (2nd generation)

3 months warranty on most phone repairs

At GR Phones, we service both the original iPhone SE and the iPhone SE 2020. From cracked screens and water damage to poor battery life and more, we have the tools and expertise to fix it all!

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

Screen Repair:

Seeing your beloved iPhone SE tumbling to the ground can be heart-wrenching! If your iPhone SE doesn’t survive the fall and you pick it up with a cracked screen, don’t worry! Slips happen. That’s why GR Phones is here to save your mobile life!

The experts at GR Phones are specially trained to perform iPhone SE screen repairs for the updated iPhone SE 2020, as well as the original iPhone SE. Simply request a free repair quote from your local store to get started and schedule an appointment. Most iPhone screen repairs can be done within the day, if not while you wait in-store. In the rare scenario that your screen starts glitching post-repair, rest assured we’re here to help!

While you’re waiting for your iPhone SE repair to be completed, be sure to browse our protective accessories and screen protectors to keep your device safe from future falls. We carry some of the best screen protection available for iPhone owners right here in our stores!



iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage

Water Damage:

Like its predecessors, the iPhone SE is water-resistant, but not necessarily waterproof. If your phone ends up taking an unfortunate dive into the toilet or ends up going through the wash, don’t panic. All hope is not lost for these waterlogged devices, thanks to GR Phones. When brought to us soon enough, our technicians can evaluate the device for repair, open it up, dry it out and replace any damaged parts.

Ready to get started? Find fast, affordable iPhone SE repair services at your local GR Phones store! Our skilled technicians look forward to saving your mobile life.

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