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Terms And Conditions

  1. Warranty:

    GR Phones is privately owned repair service centre. GR Phones is not authorised repair centre for any warranty repairs of any brands of mobile phones and laptops. Warranty will be void if device and or replaced parts have any physical damage, liquid ingress or any mistreatment.

    1. Service Warranty: Repairs comes with 90 days warranty on all labour and parts replaced. Warranty is only valid for 90 days from the date of the original invoice. Warranty only applies directly to the repairs performed on the handset and the parts replaced. A Tax Invoice must be provided with a valid warranty claim. The valid tax invoice must meet the valid handset information mentioned on the invoice. GR Phones reserves the rights to reject the warranty if a tax invoice is not produced. Warranty period is not lengthened with warranty repairs. Under no circumstance physical damaged and/or water damaged is covered for warranty. Final decision on warranty claims and repairs will be assessed and finalised by GR Phones technician.

    2. Manufactures Warranty: GR Phones is not responsible for any manufacturer’s warranty thus customer must inform GR Phones staff before using GR PHONES services. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE WE IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY. GR Phones only performs non-manufacturers warranty repairs. By submitting your phone to repairs you agree that your phone is not covered by your original manufacturer’s warranty. If you require the reversal of any repairs on the phone submitted due to manufacturer warranty, GR Phones will reserve the right to charge a minimum service fee of $45 inc GST.

  2. Service Fees: There is a non-refundable service fee of $45 including GST payable upon book in for any service performed.

  3. Settings and Data: Data including phone numbers, calendar information, pictures and music, maybe lost during repair, whilst all care is taken, we recommend you to backup all data prior to submitting the phone for repair. GR Phones is not responsible for any data lost during the repairs.

  4. Sim/Memory Cards/ Stylus: GR Phones staff will prompt the customers to remove Sim/Memory cards/Stylus upon booking, however the removal of these are solely responsibility of the customer and any that are left in the handset are done so by the customer at their own risk. GR Phones will not be held responsible for any lost and/or damage of sim or memory cards.

  5. Water Damaged Repairs: Some water damaged phones may require fixing to generate a quote for you, if the quote is declined, GR Phones will remove the parts replaced and return the phone back to you. However, non-refundable fees of $50 incl GST is payable upon booking. Our technician will try to fix the water damaged phone however there is no any guarantee that the phone always get fixed. We will not warrant the phone’s functionality thereafter. Please note: water damaged handsets must be treated using heat during the quoting process. Depending on the severity of corrosion this may damage the PCB further. GR Phones will not accept responsibility should this occur.

  6. Quotation/Estimates: GR Phones will guarantee to contact you once, on the numbers you have provided, to advise you of your estimate. If you do not think you have heard from us, please call us back as it is not GR Phones’s responsibility to continue calling after the first call has been initiated. All verbal quotes are free and the customer can reject the quote and collect the handset unrepaired. Should you require a written report this will be charged at $45 Inc. GST payable before releasing the report. GR Phones will endeavor to fix its initial pricing on quotes; however pricing may vary pending further inspection of mobile phones by the technician. Prices for LCD Assembly replacement can differ in the following conditions:- 1) if the LCD is broken 2) if LCD is having mark or scratch

  7. Unlocking/Security/iCloud/Code Removal: Should you require the removal of any locks or passwords, please note it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the handset is not IMEI locked. If the handset is found to be IMEI locked after removal of locks or passwords is performed, the customer is still liable for payment. If a phone needs to be network unlocked and the phone incurs calling restrictions afterwards, such as call barring or incoming call restrictions. You will still be charged the full amount for the process of unlocking of your mobile from the network. WE DO NOT REFUND A REPAIR ON A PHONE THAT HAS CALL BARRING APPLIED BY ITS NETWORK PROVIDER. IT IS THE CUSTOMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE PHONE IS LEGITIMATE. UNLOCKING A PHONE DOES NOT REMOVE CALL BARRING

  8. Ownership/Decision maker/ Authority: I agree that I am the owner or I have permission to act on behalf of the owner of the mobile phone submitted to repair.

  9. Collections: Identity check might be performed by the GR Phones staff while collecting the device. If the handset has not been collected within 14 days of being informed its ready for collection, the job will incur an additional $30 late fee. I agree that if I do not contact GR Phones with a decision on repairs within 30 days, my handset/laptop/ipad/tablet will be recycled. I agree that if I do not collect my handset/laptop/ipad/tablet within 30 days of being informed it is ready for collection my handset will be recycled. I will have no claim against GR Phones for said equipment once disposed. This is in accordance with the Uncollected Goods Act 1995. The responsibility of the devices lies with the Customer. GR Phones is fixing the device for the Customer on their consent, sole responsibility lies with the Customer.

  10. Repairs: Good presented for repair maybe replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts maybe used to repair the goods. All repairs and services are performed at owner’s risk and GR Phones is not responsible for any damaged or loss. Prices for LCD Assembly replacement can differ in the following conditions:- 1) if the LCD is broken 2) if LCD is having mark or scratch

  11. Booking: At the time of booking, GR Phones is only responsible for repair and services, which has been asked by the owner/clients/customer. We are not liable to check or assess any other repairs or issues except the job booked. No extra issue with the phone/laptop/computer will be covered in the same job. For eg. if a glass screen is been replaced and home button/camera/speaker/or any other issue arise after the repair, then GR Phones is not responsible for that as only glass has been replaced and thus we are only responsible for glass screen. If any other issue comes up after the repair then client/customer is solely responsible to book and pay for another job and time frame will be at least minimum 1-5 working days depending on complexity of job booked, time of ooking and parts availability.

  12. Refunds/Exchange for Products Purchased from GR Phones: We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you simply change your mind or you no longer have a use for the product(s). You can choose a refund or exchange if a product (such as an accessory) purchased from us has a major problem. This is when the item:
    1. has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying the item if they had known about it
    2. is unsafe
    3. is significantly different from the sample or description
    4. doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed.
  13. Any refunds/ exchanges of product purchases made from the GR Phones store/website must comply with the terms and conditions stated below:
    1. Proof of Purchase documents must be presented along with the product(s) to be refunded. These documents are the Tax Invoice Receipt/Packing Slip which is sent to you with the product(s). An Order Confirmation is not Proof of Purchase.
    2. Any serialized product(s), that is, product(s) with serial numbers, must be the same product(s) as indicated in the Tax Invoice/Receipt/Packing Slip provided with the product(s) at the time of purchase.
    3. Any physically damaged product(s) will not be refunded, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing before you ship the product(s) back. It is your responsibility to ensure the product(s) are securely packaged and wrapped before sending them back to us.
    4. We are NOT liable for any missing goods or damage occurred in transportation from your premises to ours.
    5. Refunded amounts will be credited to you via the same method you used for your payment. For example, if the payment method was by credit card, refunded amounts will be credited into the same credit card account.
  14. General: The customer agrees that all information supplied to GR phones is 100% accurate.
    Whilst all possible professional care will be taken, GR phones accepts no responsibility for minor and/or major damages to mobile phones/laptop/ipads/tablets or loss of functionality resulting from service or modification on any hardware or software. GR phones Repairs will cover all repairs including both parts and labour for 90 days. The warranty will only cover the fault report provided on the job sheet.
  15. (1) Customers must inform GR Phones of any new faults to phones/computers within 48 hours of pick-up. Charges will apply depending on the fault
  16. (2) Insurance on any items left at our premises is the responsibility of the owner of the item. We will take all reasonable care but no liability in the event of loss or damage.
  17. Shipping Policy: Dispatch of goods will be made within 72 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) AFTER the confirmation of payment. All deliveries will be through our preferred courier companies unless otherwise specified. GR Phones will NOT guarantee delivery schedules. All delivery inquiries should be referred directly to the courier company. Delivery costs do NOT include any insurance unless otherwise specified or requested. Additional charges will apply for insurance. GR Phones cannot guarantee the availability of all goods ordered however if there is any stock shortage, GR Phones will contact and advise you accordingly.

  18. OFFERS/PROMOTION/FESS/PRICE: Offers/prices/fees/promotion on our website/ online/local search engines/retail store are subject to change any time without prior intimation/notice. Offers are not in conjunction with any other promotions.

  19. Brands, name and logo: Brands, names and logo displayed and /or used on any of our marketing and promotional material including website are the original property and trademark of respective groups. iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple are trademarks of Apple inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note are trademarks of Samsung Group. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. GR Phones Services and its products are no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with any of the above mentioned entities or subsidiaries thereof. The services offered on this website are NOT offered or authorized by any of the entities mentioned above. We will not be held responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of our services or products.

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